Saint Louis St. House

 Saint Louis St. House Completed and Rented to Low Income Household

Saint Louis St. House is a NSPII (Neighborhood Stabilization Plan) new construction affordable housing project. This project was funded thru NSPII funding for acquisition and construction, THDA (Tennessee Housing Development Agency) and the balance thru private source Pinnacle Bank CITC (Community Investment Tax Credit) program.

The project was acquired in 2011 and completed in 2012. The unit is set-aside to serve a family at 50% or below the average median income.

This was one of two single dwelling houses next to each other. The original contractor had completed only to laying foundation block. Floor plans had to be redesign to match the existing foundation which presented a small challenge for good utilization of space. But with assistance from IOP, Inc. and a dedicated contractor designs were worked out which produce units with three bedrooms and 2 full baths. Unit was design with Energy Star rated windows, increased R factor insulation and high efficiency HVAC system.

The street where this home is built is a high crime area with used tire shops on each corner that does not receive much new construction using brick or contemporary products such as Hardy Board. The materials use (Hardy Board-Architectural Shingles) set a precedent in the neighborhood that change is coming for the better. The color palette chosen brightens the street and brings life to the area.

Unit is currently rented to a low-income family.


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