Affordable Housing Program

BHH has been doing property management work in the North Nashville community since 2004.  Properties that have been purchased and rehabbed through BHH have been in low-income neighborhoods and have been made available for renters in need of safe, clean, family homes.  BHH has set up guidelines for renters to insure that they understand their responsibilities as renters and their rights.  In addition, they connect interested renters to other community partners that can help them move forward towards self sufficiency.

Currently, BHH along with 3 other community partners is investing over 3 million dollars in the North Nashville Community to purchase and rehabilitate foreclosed, vacant and abandoned properties. The North Nashville Consortium working together to stabilize neighborhoods is comprised of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist CDC, Be a Helping Hand, Jefferson United Merchants Partnerships (JUMP), and New Level CDC.  Funding for the project was awarded through the national Neighborhood Stabilization Program and is administered locally by Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency. Over 40 homes in the area are being improved and made available for affordable rental housing to families in the community.